Eregi School

Eregi has an affordable fee structure with a dedicated team of teachers and staff members.  Our results are easily accessible on our website portal and our school fees can be paid via MPESA Paybill Number is 655267. We work hard to ensure we keep you informed on all activities taking place in the school.

- Since 1964 -

Eregi Girls High School

Our students can now access their marks online.  They can also download their homework and view pastpapers online.

With Exams all the time and new Courses, the teachers can now upload the syllabus for every subject and be able to upload videos and photos online.

Parents can now check the attendance of their daughters online and check the status of their child if in school or not.  This new online feature will help the school.

Subjects taken

Our careers are usually determined at an early age.  Select your subjects carefully and always check your timetable which will be updated through our online system

Arise & Shine.

What makes Eregi Girls High School Rise and Shine? Well, we believe the answer is discipline. That’s why we have made our entire focus on your daughter – the discipline factor. Our style, our ideologies, our closeness to Godliness. Go on – come, to Eregi and be part of the rising stars!


Admissions at Eregi

With some of the best teachers and students in the region, Eregi Girls High School has always been the top girl school in Kakamega County in Western Province, Kenya.

Students Portal

Students will now have their own profiles which will display the performance of the student both in class and out of class, the discipline of the student and the attendance of the student which can be accessed by the parents or guardians

The Eaglets Arise and Shine (Eregi Girls)

We have a great opportunity for experienced teachers to join our team. So apply now

Our Journey

The journey from Chavakali junction is usually long and treacherous for many of our students.  But the journey out of Eregi Girls High School is usually very satisfying with most of the girls already pursuing higher education in some of the TOP UNIVERSITIES in Kenya. Hongera to our Alumni for standing firm with the school even after years of leaving Eregi Girls (and the long journey you took into the woods in pursuit for a better education! ).

Drama Club & Music Festivals


African traditional dances are our true culture, our true identity.  The drum beats of Africa roll freely in the hands of our gifted girls. We embrace our African Culture. “Mkosa mila ni Mtumwa”

Interactive studying!

We bring into the classroom an interactive way of earning opening your brain to think wisely and independently.  A good student is able to think outside the box ad interact freely with her environment.

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong. Yes we have our own fashion shows at the school

Eregi Girls

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